studio iris jacobs 'Contemporary creations for multiple realities'

filmMaker, performance designer & visual artist

My name is iris. I am curious. I am overexitable. I am hopeful. I want to get to know you better. Writing, acting and directing let me get in touch with my more feminine side, it's more natural, more soft and more gentle, towards myself and others. It's playful and makes connection on a deeper, profound level. It allows to share and communicate on a micro and macro level. It invites myself to understand my emotions and behaviors better and therefore the ones of others, and my intention is to invite others on this journey of exploring and understanding the human being.

I feel a lot of things and I see a lot of things. Sometimes its hard to express myself and I see my mission as getting the best out of myself and others.  I I am a communicator. I have a vision. I am a storyteller. With all the materials I can find. And all the resources. 

But I feel that after making my first short film in februari 2018, and directed 3 music video's I need to dive deeper. My desire to work with actors and explore and play more and more, and also learn more about acting myself, is getting bigger. I am currently working on several filmprojects and I try to dig these stories from the dark corners of my mind. In the meantime, you can call me if you need help with your story. I can help you create a vision, I can direct your music video, create a concept together, design your space or prop, or with any other form of creative direction. Please do reach out if there are any questions, I would love to meet you.

I like people, I love movement, i explore the human mind, I play with words, I adore sound, I make images and I would like to make them with you.

what about you?

lets connect @ +34 639 72 509 whatsapp +31624286341

lets connect @ +34 639 72 509 whatsapp +31624286341