Iris Jacobs (1979) is a Dutch writer,  director, artist, (Voice) actor, cultural designer and art director  currently based in Barcelona but ready to fly everywhere..

during the first part of her career she developed her production, organisational and cultural design skills in various theatres and productions like Cosmic theatre, Kunstbende, sugar factory nighttheatre, Jaques senf theatre, fable factory while being exposed to and working with extraordinairy writing, acting and directing talent.

at this stage  she already knew; one day she will write and direct for the stage and cinema, and (maybe!) even perform herself.

It has been a wonderful experience to be involved with Iris in the different projects we have shared. Her talented energy and her sensibility towards everything she does. Her exacting and accurate taste with the scene in all its elements and details. Above all her very creative outlook towards all the artistic possibilities in cinema and theatre… and… life!
francesc Garrido

In 2008 she founded her own company’ Iris jacobs art direction’ and worked in hundreds of film, television, photography and cultural productions as an independent art director, production designer, prop builder, and costume designer. During these years she discovered that the amount of detail she put in a picture, will never be enough to tell the story she needs to tell. A design mind can be used for many purposes…an artist can make art, but a story teller needs to tell stories.

Why not become a film and theatermaker?  This was an a-Ha moment, don’t you love it when everything comes together?

Working with Iris was a creative adventure! She gives you the freedom to explore your character and, at the same time, she directs you towards where she pictures the scene. The positive energy is also something to highlight. 
Nina Mirez

Her first short film Fight Flight Free’ premiered in Barcelona in 2018, and travelled the festival circuit worldwide. Since then she has written, produced and directed a number of music video’s and short films, and is working  on the research and screenplay of her first feature film about fathers and daughters relationships:’ Everything I Didn’t tell you.’  

During her years in Barcelona she has been mostly exploring and discovering her personal voice as a filmmaker while simultaniously working on her art and (voice) acting career. 


Iris is an explosion of ideas, boldness, and originality. She is not afraid to push boundaries and go beyond the conventional, but above all, her work is always deeply rooted in research and a strong drive for self-knowledge and self-improvement. I love working with Iris. She’s talented and one of a kind, but also very easy going on set, flexible, and open to new ideas and collective collaboration. I hope to work with her again in the future. ‘
Analisa Giolo Dunker
Actor /musician





contact me for (screen) plays, (art) direction, (voice) acting, art, workshops or masterclasses! or to have a coffee?

+34639527802 With love, Iris. 

Little Iris
Grandfather Jan
Boudisque Records in the seventies
Grandmother Meta

Jacobs has been exposed to a stream of music and musicians during her childhood, her father ruud was making experimental music and crazy sketches in his free time and was the owner of the record shop and label boudisque records. As a kid she fell a sleep every monday night on the tunes of the experimental band; The snifters, and got infected with the musical virus.

Her grandfather Jan was playing the contra bass and played with tropicana, hans dulfer and other wonderful musicians.  

Her mother wilma is a holistic therapist and loves to pick up the drums during the regular jam sessions. 

Iris could watch music videos for hours,  imitate silly walks, design characters and make performances with her friends, while as she cycled through nature and pinched her arm at age eleven to wonder if this life was even real. In her free time she loved to ride horses, play tennis, hike, sail, but most of all listen to music and…. dance. 


Mother Wilma

 BIOGRAPHY Iris Jacobs (1979)

Founder  @studio.iris.jacobs, founder Curious Creatives @irisjacobsdirector

1998 Amsterdam fashion institute

2005 Bachelor of Social Work at The Academy of Cultural & Social Design.

2022 The Actors Space  Directing Performance

2023 Comedy club house workshop from improv to sketch with brad morris @mrbradmorris

Film Festivals: Cheonean dance filmfestival, Craft Film Festival Barcelona , Short & Sweet filmfestival Barcelona, Ontario Filmfestival, Nomination “Best Art Direction’ De Blauwe Bus, Broet Filmfestival Eindhoven, DC Shorts, New Generation Filmfestival.  

Exhibitions : Background Barcelona, Ozz Barcelona, Salitre, Market Cuina Fresca, Espai Joliu, Stansa collecitve, Virtual exhibition for London Based Gallery; ‘The Holy Art’ ( march 2023 women in art by

Pop Up Gallery: The World Up Side Down@Lola Luid  + @Poblenou Studio c Lull

Publications: ‘Art Connect’ magazine with ‘Who Is Afraid of Pink’ from the series ‘Close To Silence’

Art sales: via platforms and Kieki- ArT.COM and via artist

Iris and i collaborated on a writing and directing project, it became immediately apparent that she is a lovely person, with a great sense of humour as well as being a hard worker. Her enthusiasm was infectious and her organisational skills allowed us to complete the project on time and on budget. I highly recommend her.
Dave adeane
theater director